Each student will be insured at all times throughout their time on the Camp and we take their safety very seriously.

Teachers and Activity Staff
All of our teachers are TESL certified and have extensive experience teaching students here in Thailand and abroad. On all school activities teachers accompany students to the various activities so they will always be surrounded by adult supervision. Students are expected to speak English only during our activities to encourage their continued use of the language.

Meals and Entrance Fees
The cost of ALL meals and entrance fees to the various activities and places of interest on the Camp are included in the price.

Trips and Activities
Trips and activities are an integral part of our Camps. We believe that students learn best through doing and participating.  Our activities are designed to help them practice newly learned English language skills!

We've gone to great lengths to screen the accommodation used on the tour to ensure the comfort and safety of our students with Thai chaperones available throughout to assist our students in any way they can as and when needed.  The cost of the accommodation is included in the price of the Camp.  Rooms will be allocated on a twin sharing basis.

The Camp dates run from Sunday the 23rd of March 2014 through to Saturday the 29th of April. Seven (7) fun-filled days in total.

 Adventure English Activity Camps
Our English Adventure Camps are designed for teens that already live in Thailand but have never experienced it in English before.  Allowing them to discover Thailand in a whole new light! 

What is more, our skilled and enthusiastic instructors create a safe and supportive environment for your child to develop, grow and learn outside the constraints of a normal classroom setting creating unforgettable memories that will last a life time. 
Led by our very own teachers, the trips are a fun way to see Thailand with their tour-mates whilst practicing their English at the same time!  Our package includes fun-filled activities such as a visit to a 3D Museum, dinner on the river, a visit to a night safari, a picnic on the beach and the amazing "Flight of the Gibbon" experience for nature lovers. 

Places are limited so try to book early. Exploring Thailand through English. Places are limited so try to book early. Exploring Thailand through English. Places are limited so try to book early. Exploring Thailand through English.