Adventure English is a great way for teenagers to learn English with a difference.  Let's face it, English is the gateway to the world be that through the Internet, technology, science or business.  So it makes perfect sense to give your kids the key to that gateway so that the whole world can open up to them.

This has always been important, but no time has this been more important that right now given Thailand's commitment to ASEAN in the year 2015.  Adventure English gives your kids the tools needed to become confident, proficient and motivates speakers of the language. 

What is more, our skilled and enthusiastic instructors create a safe and supportive environment for your child to develop, grow and learn outside the constraints of a normal classroom setting creating unforgettable memories that will last a life time. 
Led by our teachers, the trips are a fun way to see Thailand with their tour-mates whilst practicing their English at the same time!  Our package includes fun-filled activities such as a visit to a 3D Museum, dinner on the river, a visit to a night safari and the amazing "Flight of the Gibbon" experience for nature lovers. 

So why not sign up now for our upcoming Camp this March?

Places are limited, so the sooner you book your place on the camp the better!
March 2014 Summer Camp Outline

DAY 1:        Leave Bangkok 8:00a.m.  Drive to Cha Am; arriving around 11:00 a.m.   Check into the hotel followed by theme-park rides and other fun activities to get the camp going.

DAY 2:        Morning breakfast followed by games on the beach. Leave at lunchtime (packed lunch served on the bus).  Arrive Kanchanaburi  3:00p.m. Check into hotel followed by Group Activities (English content) Dinner on the river: 9:00 p.m.; then back to hotel

DAY 3:        On the road from 8:30a.m. Visit Erawan Water Fall (finish at 2-3 pm).  Arrive hotel 4-5 pm Free-time until dinner at 6:00pm followed by Group Games then free-time to explore other activities

DAY 4:        Breakfast, train drop-off towards town market. 12:00 am on the bus - travel to Khao Yai national park, lunch on route, check in to hotel 4-5 pm. Meeting, dinner.  Night Safari 7:00 to 9:00pm, back to the hotel free time.

DAY 5:        Breakfast, morning meeting and games, 11:00 am on the bus travel to Rayong, Hotel4-5 pm, dinner, meeting games (English content)

DAY 6:        At the beach, social activities, picnic on the beach.  Including a visit to an Aircraft carrier (time permitting).  Dinner followed by a general discussion about the experiences of the trip as well as a photo exchange and update of expedition diaries.  Camp Dance and other expedition entertainment.

DAY 7:        Back to Bangkok.  Depart at 8:00am visit the Flight of the Gibbon" zip line on the way back.  Arrive in Bangkok around 6-8 pm.  Students can call parents on the way back so that they can be met safely at their final destination.